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Seabass Sex and Stress

StressChron Framework:

Project code 135
Acronym SSS
Role Subcontractor
Research area Contributing to a more sustainable and animal welfare minded food production
Research topic Improving sustainability and animal welfare in aquaculture and husbandry
Vertebrate Fish
Species Sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax)


This study on seabass sex and stress (SSS) focusses on the influence of (chronic) stress and the individual differences in stress response between males and female sea bass.


Keywords: aquaculture, fish, sex, stress

Funding: Gov. France

Status: On-going


Ghent University, Belgium (Aerts J)

Flanders Research Institute for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Belgium (Aerts J)

Ifremer (Geffroy B)


Goikoetxea A, Sadoul B, Blondeau-Bidet E, Aerts J, Blanc M-O, Parrinello H, Barrachina C, Pratlong M, Geffroy B (2020) Genetic pathways underpinning hormonal stress responses in fish exposed to short- and long-term warm ocean temperatures. Ecol Ind 120: 106937.

Geffroy B, Gesto M, Clota F, Aerts J, Daria MJ, Blanc M-O, Ruelle F, Allal F, Vandeputte M (2021) Parental selection for growth and early-life low stocking density increase female-to-male ratio in European sea bass. Sci Rep 11:13620.

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