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The Stress Physiology Research Group collaborates with (inter)national companies and institutes on a global scale for specific research topics.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Quantification of management related stressors such as animal density, light regime, water quality, etc. in order to reduce chronic stress and to optimize overall animal performance and welfare.
  • The optimization of fish diets throughout the production cycle including but not limited to testing:
    • the influence of different combinations, concentrations, origins, etc. of single or multiple ingredients;
    • new ingredients; and
    • the effect of pre-and probiotics as well as other supplements on the stress level experienced by fish in time and subsequently on the overall performance of the fish in time.
  • The identification, quantification and subsequent mitigation of chronic stress in aquaculture and husbandry to obtain a more sustainable and animal welfare minded food production. Contribution to an animal welfare label from an animal based stress physiological point of view.